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Micro$oft has developed a wonderfull and powerfull program for developing presentations quickly and efficiently. Although they have included support for recording narrations they did not provide an easy interface for developing presentations with narrations for web distribution. The program defaults to embedding sound in the presentation. This makes it difficult to update individual slides.


This project's goal is to provide a set of macros written in VBA for powerpoint that will allow end users to quickly and efficiently convert their recorded narration to MP3 format and link the MP3 files into powerpoint.

Project Status


ExtractWAVExtractWAV1.2Adds Save As WAV feature to Right Click Menu
PowerMP3ExtractNarration1.1Extracts Narration from slideshow and saves as slide*.wav
DeleteNarration1.1Deletes Narration from slideshow
ConvertNarration1.1Converts slide*.wav to slide*.mp3
AddMP3Narration1.1Links slide*.mp3 into the active slideshow

Screenshots from M$ PowerPoint